St. Joseph

Situated on the East Coast St Joseph’s parish is said to be one of the prettiest on Barbados. Boasting an expanse of rugged coastline, lush landscape, tranquil botanical gardens and breezy shores, the area is often frequented by surfers and jet- skiers in search of adrenaline inducing waves.

From Bathesheba the main town of St Joseph’s Parish is a brisk hike along the old train line and will take you via beautiful seascapes, down through the sleepy fishing village of Tent Bay. Here you can delight in lunch or cocktails at the landmark Atlantis Hotel, which has served guests for over 100 years. This quaint hotel, sister to  Little Good Harbour Hotel and Fishpot restaurant on the West Coast is an absolute must for those visiting the unspoilt rugged St Joseph parish.

St Joseph offers rustic living with a community feel and secluded estates, many of which are developed amidst the last remaining traces of Barbadian rainforest.