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Rented US $12,500 Permonth - Luxury Villa
14400 5 Bedrooms 6.5 Bathrooms
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Ariena, Sandy Lane Estate -Available November 1st 2024

Ariena is located on the secluded cul-de-sac of South Road. It is on the Sandy Lane Estate, with the eastern boundary on fairway 8. The southern boundary is on fairway 9 of the golf course.

The Sandy Lane estate is a much sought after prestigious residential area. It is close to the beach where there are beach club facilities available. It is also just 10 minutes from Holetown. This is the hub of the west coast and offers shops, restaurants, supermarket and medical centre.

The property area is 1.79 acres. It consists of a 5 bedroom main house with a two car portico and garage. There is also a 2 bedroom cottage.

The property has a pool and spa. There is also a gardener’s bathroom and generator building.

The construction of Ariena was completed early in 2002. As with all properties on the Sandy Lane Estate, access to the beach is provided through the hotel main entrance to the Sandy Lane Estate Beach Facilities.

The beach facility offers a lounge area, storage facility and bathrooms. At the beach facility there is a bar (snacks available) and outdoor showers. Beach chairs are also provided.

The house has a large basement of over 4,000 sq. ft. The large open spaces are perfect for a gym, large storage/play room, water treatment room, water heater room and electrical room.

Both the main house and the cottage can be rented separately. The primary residence is available for rental at a rate of USD $12,500. Additionally, the detached cottage can be rented for an extra USD $5,000 if more space is desired.

There is a live-in maintenance manager on site who occupies a one bedroom annex. The manager overseas property maintenance as needed.

Ariena is an impressive home on the Sandy Lane Estate.

Pool and garden maintenance are included in the rent.

Utilities and air conditioner service every six months are for the account of the tenant.

If you are interested in renting Ariena long term contact us today

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